VideoReDo OEM/Embedded program includes a full VideoReDo software development kit to help third parties make their existing solutions compatible with VideoReDo software, or to help them create new solutions from scratch. The VideoReDo OEM/Embedded Partner Program was created to enable the development of VideoReDo-enabled consumer or business solutions to meet the global demand for high-quality video requirements. For more information on the OEM/Embedded process please visit our Professional and Broadcast Products pages or contact us directly.
OEM/Embedded Partner
Enterprise Software Partner
VideoReDo Enterprise (VRD/E) extends the functionality of VideoReDo software products by providing an application programming interface (API) to edit, and author MPEG files.  It will enable you to integrate the capability of VideoReDo into your own scaled applications.  The API is implemented as a DLL and has no GUI components. The VRD/E DLL can be easily added to existing video server applications while at the same time improving performance, reducing the memory footprint and increasing overall integration reliability.

VideoReDo Enterprise is a true server implementation. Enterprise Partners receive the VideoReDo Software Development Kit (SDK / API), VRD/E client licenses, input on prioritizing future engineering enhancements, and consulting services.

To get started, please visit our Professional and Broadcast Products pages or contact us directly.

Channel Partner
As a VideoReDo Channel Partner, you’ll be selling popular VideoReDo software known worldwide for its stability, quality, and an active development cycle. But our resellers also enjoy other benefits, including:
Attractive software margins and recurring revenue opportunities.
Free technical support for you or your clients.
Alpha and Beta requirement definitions.
Cooperative Marketing Support
If your company would like to be a part of VideoReDo’s rapidly growing sales, then the rewards of our Channel Partner Program may be for you. To get started, please contact us.
VideoReDo Partner Programs:
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